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Friday, May 27, 2005

Movie Trailer Voice Guy Questions

So I was driving home from work today listening to the endless commercials on Rock 102 and a beer commercial came on and it was one of those guys who does the voices for movies and stuff...you know who I’m talking about...anyway it got me thinking, like who are these guys, where do they exist, do they have other jobs? do they make their entire career out of these commercials? Where does this distinct voice come from, are there a certain percentage of people in the world that have a weird voice like this or do these people train to have this voice? is there some sort of training school to be this guy? .... anyway then I was laughing cause there were kids playing on my street, thinking, are one of these kids gunna grow up and have this voice? I mean like guys like Scoles have unusually low and distinct voices, I kinda wish I woulda known a pre-pubescent Scoles, so i could analyze these traits and understand the transformation.

Or maybe I’m just jealous I'm not this guy...

Till Next Time...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Waiting is Frustrating

Waiting in general is pretty frustrating, I've been thinking about this since I'm still waiting to hear the decision from Ryerson as to whether I was accepted into their program or not for the fall. This is particularly frustrating, because they led me to believe I would find out their decision either way between April 8th and may 16. Now being that it's May 24 today kinda frustrates me. I even called and they said that no decision has been made yet. Waiting is most frustrating I find only because I am a bit of a forward thinker...so rather than think about the fact that in ___ days/months/years or whatever this decision will be nothing but the past, and I'll look back and say "hmm that was life changing". It's the fact that I long for this moment that drives me nuts, and perpetuates my anxiety surrounding my future here. But it will be done soon. But damn broken deadlines...they make me angry.

In other news, I'm full time at Cosmo now, so I work 8-4 Monday to Friday. I'm pretty pumped about this, should actually make some money for once (as well as the fact I have the Ramada job still, which gives me 16 or so hours a week on top of my 40 @ Cosmo). So If I get into Ryerson it means I'll have lots of money to save so that I don't have to work while I’m there.... Or that I'm gunna party extra hard this summer.

As far as summer plans, I've decided to follow in Sam’s footsteps and make a list of things that I want to accomplish in the summer, not sure exactly what I want to do yet but I think it's a good idea, but I mean it's really gunna depend on my whole Ryerson decision.... why must this effect everything...

Some things I would like to do:

Go to Candle lake for August Long (already booked off work!)
Go Camping with Diana somewhere
Record music (factor grant...still waiting on that too)
Play lots of shows
Read more...like finish a book a month or something (I'm the worst reader)
Write a song for the Breaks
Get a Tan
Go to the gym on a regular basis

That’s just a few things I'm thinking about

But I work in the AM and I’m already predicting it being hard to fall asleep seeing as I just had a 3 hour nap....dammit!

Till next time...or maybe next month judging by how often I've been posting

Hmm there’s another thing for the summer...post more (probably won't happen haha

Friday, April 29, 2005

Being A Rockstar/Good Samaritan

I have some sort of suspicion that people want me to post again....so I decided to get around to it. Actually I did do it, and it was erased, I don't know what is up with that, hopefully this one makes it.

So I've lived quite the interesting week, very contrasting. I've gotten up to drive my bus for Cosmo all day, and then played gigs on Tues, Thursday and Friday (as in today) as well. I figure, I probably should have probably be doing cocaine off hookers and drinking Jack Daniel’s in the day....but this is probably just as satisfying(as the people I drive always seem to make my day)

Tonight’s show is at Amigo's and its for the S.O.L.D. (Students opposed to liberal arts decline) Should be good, we're closing the night

Also in other breaks news, we are gunna try and record some better/new demos this week comin up...kinda exciting

Sorry My post isn't long, I'm very tired and I think I'm going to nap

Till Next Time(and I'll try to make it soon)......

Sunday, March 27, 2005

If your interested

I haven't posted this, and if someone out there doesn't already know this our music can be heard at


for some reason I can't get it to be a link

We're playing this Thursday (March 31) at the Basement at 730pm and We are in the Final of the Xjam Battle of the Bands at Louis starting at 730pm

If you want tickets for the Battle of the Bands email thebreaksband@hotmail.com

Till Next Time...

Easter/Summer Nights

So, Pretty good day today. There are lots of things I like and don't like about Easter I think. A majority of them I think stems from my family, but I guess its nice to eat a good dinner, eat Easter eggs (yes the Easter bunny still visits my house even though me and my brother are both a little too old, we still had a good time.

What made my day however(and it usually does) was goin over to Sam’s. Got all my family related frustrations out in a good bassing. We're getting ready for our show on Thursday at the Basement and Sat...The battle of the bands final, which should be interesting....OH MAN it would be good to win that.

Afterwards me and Sam were hanging out watching some TV and we were talking about a day in the summer. We got up, went to the beach(it was really hot) hung out there all day, came back to Sam’s, played music till supper time, went to my house and had a BBQ then back to Broadway to Lydia’s for some good times. This basically sums up our summer days (when we weren't working). This warm weather has gotten me all excited for more of these(unless I get the job in Regina I applied for). Its lazy times like these that are so gratifying in the summer, i mean we really didn't do anything spectacular but it was just a good time.

But I'm off to do a little more family time

till next time...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sorry To Disapoint the Ryan Fans(Heres somthing for ya)

Yeah, I guess it has been a while, I'll make a point to post more pics from battle of the bands, I just have kinda been all over the place lately.
(This is for Caitlin, who even in person expressed her need for my blog haha)

Last night we (The Breaks) played open mic at lydias. It's been pretty cool seeing it all come together somewhat, there actually seems to be a little breaksmania goin around town, well a very small amount, but it's definitely something to feel good about, especially when accomplished musicians around town are talking and coming out to see you. It was definitely a weird situation, to play on such a large scale, like the battle of the bands for your first show, then go into a situation like lydias where there are a lot of people there you don't know, and not very many of them, but I was surprisingly more nervous (although not much) than I was at the battle of the bands, I suppose I just have some sort of complex where I desire utter acceptance of other people to something I'm involved with. At the battle of the bands I wasn't expecting acceptance, and if i did, it was because so many of my friends were there. This situation was slightly different, more because there are a lot of people there that, unexpectedly are going to be exposed to our music, and its cool, but also kinda stressful, because I wasn’t people to like it, because I hold it so dear to myself.

I guess however I shouldn't be publicly expressing this, I'm suppose to be a rock star right, cocky etc. HAHA ah well.

Today was ridiculous in Art History. I kind of have a love hate relationship with this class. Its 3 Hours on Wed, making it the last class in my longest school day. This is somewhat discouraging in its favor, but it always seems to still keep my attention and get me excited about what it's talking about. I could actually see myself getting at least a minor in it, because I’m actually unbelievable intrigued with the relationship that art (and now I suppose media) played in historical change and transition. But I also find that class very frustrating, mostly due to the stupidity, insensitiveness etc of the general people in that class(and I guess pretentiousness). But anyways, I was sitting in a spot, where the Prof, could actually see me, because I was in the front row of the raised back part. Anyways, she’s talking about the Vietnam war and its effect on society etc. Anyways, I put my hand up, and kept it up for over 15 minutes, and she NEVER called on me. It was so ridiculous, I actually had a good point, that was going to further the discussion in the class, because everyone that was talking was kind of going in a circle, and really coming up with nothing prevalent etc. It was funny, because everyone in the area was laughing because she would look at me and everything, and just call on someone else. And finally she called on me, maybe after 20 min, and i had put my hand down. And my point was already kinda stated, so it was useless to even begin to explain it. I'm typically one that doesn't talk in classes, mostly because you look like an idiot if your wrong, and well even though I am fairly opinionated, especially in classes like this, I don't feel like actually defending myself.

I just don't understand why she didn't see me/call on me, it was so strange, and for so long. ahh well....

but that’s way too much, don't want to overload people with my bursts of blogblab
I've actually been doing a lot of solitary thinking lately, and I'm somewhat formulating a philosophy and have been writing it down....it does kinda sound like I'm just high(I'm not), but I think it's cool, maybe I'll go way out and enlighten the Ryan fans to some of these metaphysical thoughts.
Till next time....

Monday, March 14, 2005


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After months of anticipation and preparation. We finally did it, played our first live show (not including parties). And we WON our night. It was really crazy, especially because we didn’t' think we did, afterwards, but damn does it feel good. We advance to the final with a chance to win $2000 and to open for a huge act coming through Louis. Hopefully everyone will come down...APRIL 2nd

I'll post more pics from it later

Till Next Time....

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Live on Stage..

Well, After a stressful week of midterms and essays, the day is here, The Breaks live on stage at Louis. I'm pumped. We managed to sell 80 tickets, which is unbelievable, and because of it we get to close the show. Can't wait to do this.

Till Next Time….