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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tight Game, Tight Game

Well today, started off as a good day...went crappy...then got extremely good. I woke up today and went to go see Scoles with Ewan. Poor guy, he can't eat or drink because he could go in for surgery and he's all messed up on morphine and codeine. We visited for a bit, and then Ewan and I went to the PAC building and worked out. Then i had to go to work. I rolled in to work, and as per usual there was just a crap load of stuff, not finished. This sucked especially cause i had a really bad migraine that started around 6:30 and went past midnight, pretty much the prime of my shift. I got a pretty substantial amount considering, and i was workin with my homeboy Dan, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Then around 11:30 Dan was talking about how nice it was outside, and it's perfect bike riding weather especially at midnight with Kid A by Radiohead. I haven't ridden a bike in quite some time, and thought this sounded like a good time, and even though my head hurt really bad, i figured I’d give it a chance, the fresh air and what not would be nice. We biked from 12:30-4AM! its was great, we talked philosophy, girls, politics, careers all sorts of stuff. Its hard to explain, but it was a really good time, just relaxin, tellin stories, and sharing insights. I dunno, I think that nothing is more satisfying than doing something that A)makes you feel good physically(the biking) B)gaining something mentally from it (the awesome talks and just good camaraderie C) Paying nothing(besides a tacquito at 7-11 it was free) I dunno, i expected it to be just an ok time, but I was pleasantly surprised. Dan's also a really good guy, shares a lot of the same views as i do. But I’m tired, and i need to get up early tomorrow (well like noon ha!) so that’s about it for now. But I think this will be the summer of meeting new people and doing things like riding my bike around for nearly 4 hours doing nothing really.

Till next time...

Monday, June 28, 2004

The Ninja has Fallen

Well by the sounds of things the Ninja most know as Scoles while probably dismounting some sort of tactical move broke his foot, and quite bad by the sounds of things. I hope things will be ok and I hope that he'll be back on his feet(literally) soon. I talked to his dad today and he said that there is a strong possibility that he'll need surgery and will be in the hospital indefinitely. Poor guy....Wish ya the best buddy.

Today wasn't as productive as I hoped, but it had that lazy summer flava to it that I've missed for a long time. I planned to go for lunch with Ewan and tammie and then work out....but due to my shenanigans surrounding being ready on time, Tammie wasn't able to join us so Ewan and I grabbed pitas and then waited for Mcmillan to call us. Due to some miscommunication, and some computer installing needs, our working out didn't happen today....I might go tomorrow, but for sure on Wed with Mcmillan.

After a pretty lazy afternoon, i came home, voted, went to a meeting at work then went for supper(not at Johns) but the samurai....I've never been there, but it was definitely a awesome idea. Afterwards i just lazed around and rented a movie(Fog of War). I found Fog of War to be quite interesting, i have kinda some reserved feelings on war that i don't really feel like explaining, maybe in a different blog, but I did find this movie to be quite an interesting look into not only war and the people behind it, but the politics involved in military confrontation.

But tomorrow, besides working, I'm not sure what I should do, i may drop off some resumes...we'll see what kinda places I can think of to apply, but it's become kinda evident that i start looking for a new job, cause things at blockbuster are getting pretty bad(more laziness in the upper management area).

But I'm really tired, and i think my aimless late night computer endeavors are going to be cut short tonight

till next time...

I don't even really feel like posting, but i still managed to write way too much

I'm not really feelin like posting something, but I figure I owe it to the world, to keep everyone informed on me...haha So today felt oddly familiar, i slept till almost 3, and went to work, came home, and sat on the computer. Well at least now I'm a high school graduate.....

Which brings me to my next point, tomorrow my parents are taking me to Johns Prime Rib for a celebratory supper on my completion of High School. I'm pretty pumped, the last time i went there with Ewan and Scoles on Scoles' 19th B'day. I had no idea such a high-roller establishment existed, and it was definitely a good time, and hopefully it'll be the same this time around. The last time we went there, we were drinking 'manhattans' and the snooty 40 year old that sat us, was just a prick to us for asking for them, making comments like "you do realize what your ordering" and stuff like that. If theres one thing i hate it's people looking down on you for your age. I mean fuck, we we're(and by we were i mean Teri and Graham Scoles) paying like $10 a glass anyways. It should be a good time, although as happy as I am that I'm done school, I've kinda grown bashful to the constant positive comments from my parents about "How proud they are" and what not. It's funny how you become so use to being looked down upon as a failure, that when you succeed it seems awkward to be congratulated constantly. But all that aside i'm definitely feelin pretty good about finishing, especially with such high marks (90% in English and 85% in Art).

Today I was laying in bed and i decided that i need to finish this painting that i did. I did a rendition of this self portrait I did a while back in Acrylic a couple weeks ago. It turned out really good, but due to lack of time and available colours, i wasn't able to put the green in the eye. and it looked fine, but i woke up quite abruptly today and looked at it and said that i needed to finish it. I plan to maybe hop over to the Abrams household and hit up her Hookers Green(that’s a colour, not an off colour comment on Maggi's professional life).

But I feel like I need to be more creative this summer, besides the fact that I'm gunna buy some paints and start painting, I also think I might start writing some rhymes or making some music some how. I'd really like to start a funk band, but we'll see if that goes down. I go through withdrawal if i'm not creative somewhat, which may sound weird to some people, but it's true.

But I should probably head to bed now, cause I've gotta be rested for a hard workout with Mc and Ewan (and hopefully scoles) at the PAC. It seems so funny to me to be goin to the Gym, running, being done High School etc. A lot has changed over the past year, it's kinda shocking.



Saturday, June 26, 2004

Smash One Bottle Free Night At The Skuz

Well last night once again was pretty funny. Ewan started the night goin all "strait edge" and wasn't going to drink. But ones the Stella hit the back of his throat he was back in the game...and as far as the game went, we played pretty hard. I was thinkin that the night was gunna suck, with all the people i mentioned before, but i realized it was going to be fine when I rolled in and they were drunker than i was! I saw a whole bunch of people i knew and hadn't seen for a really long time, and thats really the only good reason to go to the bar. I really don't like it that much, cause you feel like crap the day after, and most often, I make an ass of yourself. I don't wanna make it a habit this summer, especially after last summer, the "Summer of the Big Bear". A couple funny things happened last night. The one that I'm alluding to in my title, is that Ewan and I ran into Carli Hafner, and she had a 26 of vodka in her purse, me and him pounded it and then smashed it on the ground and i continued to stomp on it after we smashed it. The bouncer came over and told us "one more bottle and your out of here" and the we continued to stare at each other for a couple moments, then he left. I thought that was hilarious, i mean why didn't he kick us out, it made no sense. Shortly after i threw up on the deck, right by a bouncer too and I didn't get kicked out, it made no sense. Also at one point, Ewan shoved me, and i fell over into some people, one of those people happened to be a native guy i knew that worked at co-op for a while. He then said "Man, you need us to back you up, don't take that from him man" with all his homies behind him. I just laughed and said it's my good friend, not to worry, but thinking after wards, that musta looked pretty funny, i mean Ewans this big football D-lineman, and he shoves me and makes me fall down, to me its just whatever, i probably made some asshole comment to him or whatever, but to other people its like this skinny guy getting pushed around by this huge guy. But that’s about it for today. Tonight I’m going to see a deadly funkish band @ Lydias called Blue Quarter. They're a pretty deadly trio and the one guy plays this really weird instrument that sounds kinda like water, i'm not sure what it is, but it provides them with a really good and original sound.

But I'm out

Till Next Time....

Friday, June 25, 2004

Real Quick, if your planning on votin on monday

Just thought I’d drop this, found it really interesting, and you should really check it out if your planning on voting on Monday...which you really should...

Don't vote Conservative!

Stop Harper

A Good Day....Continuing Frustrations

So I had a pretty good day again today, i think most of these good days are attributed to lack of High School and Blockbuster. I've felt myself kinda become less drawn to that place, especially with the leaving of Darren and Matt. Frankly Lori is stupid, and doest know how to run a store. I think your gunna run into people that you work for, that make more money than you and don't working as hard, I mean yeah, that’s Capitalism for you. But its come to the point that me and my man Anders, who are the other two management have to do so much shit all the time, cause she sits around, and doesn't do half the amount of work we do. I don't mean to toot me and anders own horn (especially anders i'm sure he wouldn't appreciate a horn tooting from me haha) but i was just discusted to hear that Lori left all this work for Anders on Monday because Nicole sprained her knee. I remember times that Darren was forced to work by himself for like open to close and he got more work done than someone working with 10 people...well maybe not, but he is a God compared to those ladies. I don't wanna get off on a rant, but i just am strugglin with the fact that the job i loved for 2 years is now starting to be more of an annoyance than it is a fun place to go...hopefully when the ladies go on holidays and Anders and me run the store it'll be a different story...

But Tonight i watched Cold Mountain, really good movie

Tomorrow the agenda sounds like its gunna be fun

get to see Fahrenheit 9/11(the new Michael Moore flick) , Blue Quarter(A deadly Funk band) and drink

We also might go stop by Deanna's b'day at the Skuz, the only thing that makes me un-excited about that, is the fact that the Bible Brigade are gunna be there. These are people that i use to hang out with in school, and they go out and judge people and i think that’s just dumb. I at one point in my life was pretty big into the church thing, I mean i believe in God, I’ll admit that, and that’s a whole different story, but these people act like a group of elitist, i mean, they think they're better than whom ever cause they Roll with G... i think that’s not only contradictory of their beliefs "Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone" and stuff like that, but not very becoming of them representing the Christian faith. I mean it almost turns people off creating such a negativity of their lifestyle... I mean I can go off on this forever, but this post in itself is way too long anyway

Here’s till next time...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

"Damn You Chuck Norris"

Well a pretty relaxed day today, kinda odd considering the schedule i've been running for the last few months. I don't work till sat now, so its kinda wierd to have nothing to do, not use to it.

I went for lunch with Scoles and Ewan, then we went to future shop while my brother got his tire fixed at Canadian tire. At future shop i had a look around cause I really wanna get some sorta MP3 player/music device. I really wanted an I POD but after further research i want a Creative Zen Touch instead. They sound alot better, but they're not out yet, unfortunately.

After that, I came home and hung out for a bit, then went and worked out at the PAC building with Ewan and Michael. Pretty good times, man am i just the weakest guy, but hopefully i can change that.

Tonight we went and saw Dodgeball, man its pretty funny. I think the best part is the ridiculous amount of Cameo appearances! Chuck Norris i think was the best. It totally made me think of Brennan "Ough, Chuck...Norris". I sometimes wonder what that guys up to, i wonder if he'd ever slap ass with us again....

Tomorrow I think i might go get this pic put on a shirt: I think nothin would be funnier than havin a shirt with you on it, especially in that pose!


But Pretty laid back day, nothin too much goin on.

Till next time....

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I Just Had to post this too

I couldn't contain myself, this pics funny, its me "Bustin some rhymes"

i got the ryan "drunk eyes" goin on too...such a funny night


Till next time...

"Its my birthday, so you have to show your dinnerplate nipples if i want you to!" -Magnus

Well if you can't tell from the quote in the title of this post, magnus...well he got SOOO drunk. We made a list of quotes as the night went on, and it was sheer gold! But, as well as magnus i was pretty wasted, heres a pic of me around 3:00 at aidens

pretty funny times.

I think the best part of the night was, we ran into some girls from my english class and they were introducing my to their friends as "Ryan, he has a big cock"...they were talkin about my rooster, but i don't think the friends knew what they were talkin about. HA!

Today i spent most of the day layin in bed, and then i went to work. Work was ok, but really slow.

I really don't know what to do with my time though, i don't work till Sunday, maybe i'll take up knitting again, make some scarves for the winter...

But thats about all i have


Monday, June 21, 2004

Finnishing A final, some coronas and a message

Well this was quite the exciting day today, besides the fact that i am now a high school graduate (best 6 years of my life, ha!) Afterwards me, sweats and slimjim rolled in to the Yard and drank some coronas on the deck... now I’m not sure if everyone knows this buy conronas are the best, especially after finishing high school and on a deck that over looks Broadway...definitely good times. Afterwards we drove around, and looked at some stuff. Aiden was in search for some "boobie magazines" so we thought we'd go to the book nook, cause I mean you can go to source adult, but I’d rather be judged for porn, than just some guy, scanning it through like your buyin eggs or something. I always wondered what it would be like to work at a porno store, I mean i work at a movie store, and despite my professionalism, i tend to giggle when men come in and rent soft core pornos, so I couldn't imagine staring a guy in the face and saying, "ok, uh... that’s Horney young boys suckin cock" or something like that, it would be way too awkward.
But anyway....after the coronas and drivin around lookin for "boobie magazines" and stuff, i came home to have a nap and then i went to supper with my mom. She then surprised me with a message appointment. That was deadly and I’m all relaxed now...

So over all it was a pretty good day. Tonight should be interesting, its Magnus' b'day so i plan to get him mighty liquored as well as myself.

But that’s about it...I’m out to go drink


Sunday, June 20, 2004

So Welcome to the New Ryan Blog, I’m sure all you Ryan fan's out there couldn't wait for me to stop posting, but your restless nights of anticipation are now over.

So yeah, I’m working on my final for my last High School class, and listening to funk music, what more can a man ask for, well maybe some oral sex, but that will come sooner than later hopefully.

I'm pumped though, tomorrow is not only the first day of summer, the last day of my illusive high school career but as well as Magnus (AKA Brother Bear) 19th birthday. As i am an advocate of drinking large amounts of celebratory alcohol, tomorrow should be good.

Besides that everything else is pretty normal...

Check back soon, lets see how long i can keep this blog up