I few things here and there for all you Ryan fans...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wow, its been a while, i bet you thought i was done

Well I thought so as well, I totally abandoned the blog, considering I've been pretty busy doin a whole lot of nothing. I've been really trying to enjoy my time off, as its been a while since I've really had nothing to do. Almost everyday the Ampersands practice. On top of that, theres been alot of drinking and hangin out with friends. Its kinda rough cause I have little amounts of money, so I really do need to get a job, but I'm hoping that if things go as planned, I'll be able to go on EI and ride that out for the rest of the summer. I also have applied for a job at the University Library, which would be ill if I hooked that up. The general anticipation for university is starting to build up on me, I'm pretty excited, although it is just school. I've been also starting to think about what I'm gunna do for my portfolio so that I can get into Ryerson, the whole thing kinda scares me because I'm really not sure what I'll do if i'm not accepted but I'd be sooo pumped if I get in, it would be unbelievable, cause I'm starting to feel like I wanna start doin something with my life.
So the next couple days are going to be either really good or really bad, I got that feeling in my throat that I've got a feeling I may have a cold on the way, so i've been trying to get it to go away. The plan is, there’s a party we're goin to tomorrow, and then hopefully goto Candle Lake for the weekend. Now if your not aware, Candle lake is supposedly the Marti Gras of Saskatchewan, and by the sounds of things, everyone is gunna be there(well anyone around my age). I really wanna go up on Friday, and stay the weekend, but we'll see whats goin on with that. Its suppose to be near impossible to find a spot to stay, but hopefully we'll figure something out.
But I'm planning to now goto bed, maybe read a bit, but see if I can get rid of this stupid upcoming cold
Till Next time...

Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Good night

Well i've found myself at scoles house, pissed and pretty happy about tonight...
We had a super good band practice, i'm feeling pretty awesome about it, we aced alone, together by the strokes as well as contued our success with black math by white stripes and high roller novacane by the king of leon.   We rocked out just hard for like 15 minutes strait combining a ewan  original with back seat love by N.E.R.D. and The Seed 2.0 by the Roots.  It was just awesome, I swear we get better by the day.... and at this pace, in a month i think we'll be on a north american tour haha
But yeah, we went to lydia's tonight, and i'm @ sc0les house just drunk trying to post this, so I shouldn't say much,....
till next time.....

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I'm Addicted!!!

Today was a pretty good day, pretty run of the mill stuff. Crystelle came over, and I had promised her I would help her shop for a computer, so I did. I also had a pretty big scare... my hard drive was saying that it was fried….which would have really sucked….but I fixed things up after practice and I’m happy again. As pathetic as it is, I’d be so helpless without my computer; I’m a junkie. I read about a study a while back where kids displayed withdrawal symptoms of sorts after being deprived of their computers and video games. I totally know what they mean, I honestly need to go on the computer, and it’s pretty pathetic. I mean if I’m away or something I’m cool with out it, but I crave MSN. It’s pretty bad.

But yeah I practiced with the band....a little trial and tribulations....trying to learn a song and we were havin trouble pullin it together....we got a taste of what its like to not always havin fun...but we provailed

But I'm tired once again

Till next time

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Pretty long and tiring day for an unemployed bum....

Wow, I'm tired!
Unemployment can be pretty busy.... haha

After falling asleep last night later than 4am...I woke up around 8 to drive Scoles to get his new cast put on his foot. Then I came home, mowed the lawn...and did the trim with the weed wacker thing. Ewan came and picked me up shortly after and we went shopping for sunglasses. He bought a pair...and we went with Sam and hit the P.A.C. building and worked out. All 3 of us then came to my house, and had some supper...we then went to Sam’s and rocked out till about 10ish. And that brings me to now....

I'm pretty susceptible to the sun i think now, since I had heat stroke last summer. I find that I can't be in the sun as long as I use to, and I need to drink alot more water or else I get dizzy and stuff. But I think thats just an after effect from sustaining heat stroke.

I finally have that summer 'tired cause you were out in the hot sun and did lotsa stuff' feeling. Its kinda nice, makes me feel like I'm finally in summer.

I'm pretty pumped about the band, we learned a couple more songs today, which is pretty awesome. I still can't get over how good things have been goin.

I started thinkin about school today...I'm pretty excited, its gunna be good to finally get on track with school...I mean I know that I am gunna be a little older than some people, I still think its gunna be so awesome to be goin to university, instead of being a workin guy who just works and hasn't finished high school

But that’s all I got for today

Till Next Time....

Monday, July 12, 2004

Its been a while...but I mean come on i'm a rock star

Well I bet all you Ryan fans thought I was done posting....don't worry, now in my unemployment I can post all day....just fuckin ridiculous I tell ya. But I felt pretty good.... Nicole, Anton, Dan and Conrad were rep-in my name on their Friday shift and got in shit from the District Manager it was gold...here’s some pics from that

My Staff Pics...

Hard times falling upon the staff.....

So that made me feel pretty special.

But some other cool stuff has been goin on...

Ewan, Sam and I have started to play in a band, tentatively titled, "The Ampersands". Its a really good way to help with the whole depressive side of stuff. Me with my joblessness and Ewan with the big break up. We're doing surprisingly good, and even have written an original, which is really good since we've only practiced 4 times!

We went out for Aidens Birthday on Friday, and that was a really good time! We got drunk, Aiden beat some guy up and we partied till really early in the morning. It kinda sucks that I won't be able to party like I use to due to the whole fund situation...but I can get by with out it

I got lots more goin on, I’m just kinda tired....I’ll post more later

Till next time....

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Pretty much not a buisness man now!

well how things change so fast....Today was an interesting day, I woke up, went to work for 9am....and was fired. It was complete baloney and lets just leave it at that. I'm pretty bummed out, and kinda don't know where i'm goin right now, but I guess I'll figure things out...in time. But I don't feel like leaving a big depressive post, although i feel inclined to

Till next time....

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I'm pretty much a business man now

Well instead of staying up all night on the computer and posting at 4am or something like that, its 8:42....not only that, I’ve already joined my colleagues for breakfast, showered, shaved, drank coffee and talked with my mom, and now I’m off to work the ol' 9-5. It feels kinda weird. My usual routine is, wake up around 1am or 2, watch TV in bed for another hour, get up, sit around, maybe on the computer or watching some TV or something, give some people a call maybe, then go to work at 4:30. So I’m pretty much a man now. I work 9-5 all week this week, except Thursday, when i register for my classes(and I close on Sunday). I'm a pretty big fan, as there are less customers and a lot more hangin out, and you don't have to do the same shitty jobs all the time. Today is the 'dream shift', Anton and I in the morning. After that its just me and the work-ed student....thats kinda crappy, but i'll deal.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day painting the fence and the deck. Now that’s a pretty big task for anyone...but i think we have one of the biggest fences on the street at least. There are 9 houses that surround my backyard, which is great if you wanna have a football game in your backyard or something, but not when it comes to stuff like mowing the lawn or, in this case painting the fence. Luckily, Tyler, Mom, Dad and Bampa(and Ammie for a while) all helped to do it. "Many Hands Make Light Work". After all that time in the sun, I pretty much felt like sleeping, but then when I actually got into bed, i couldn't sleep. I seriously must have the worst time sleeping compared to anyone I know. Its brutal, I've had times where I've laid in bed over 4 hours before I've fallen asleep! It's retarded, I just think WAY too much.

But I gotta go to work, gotta turn ordinary DAYS into Blockbuster DAYS(yeah thats right, I'm a business man!)

Till Next Time....

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Moses Mayes and the Bullfrog's Footlong Hot Dog

Well today was fun, I had been looking forward to today for quite sometime. I went and saw a couple of bands I really like Moses Mayes, Bullfrog & Kid Koala and a couple other acts I hadn’t seen Beady Belle and Sekoya. It made for a good afternoon with Ewan, Sam and fresh out of the hospital, Scoles. It was really cold, but it was just nice to relax and listen to some Funky/Jazz vibes in the Bez gardens. It started at 3 and went till well after 9, which pretty much just flew by. There were some breaks there to grab some Foot Longs. Afterwards we just kinda drove around a laughed, nothing too exciting. But I’m feelin pretty good despite the fact that I have to be up at 8 for a staff meeting, which is gunna be just terrible. Too much politics at Blockbuster, I miss when it was a fun place, but props to my man Anders who's tryin to make a difference. I think all this kurflufle is stupid, and makes for a negative unproductive work place, so i try to do it all with a smile on my face. Also Ewan, Sam and I have decided we are gunna get together and play some music together, I think that will be fun.

Well I have to be up for some staff meeting action so i should go to bed

Till Next Time....

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Good Times, Bad Plus

Well it's been a couple days since i've posted, i feel kinda bad, but whatever I'm trying to stay commited to this. I've had a pretty good couple days. Yesterday, Ewan, Aiden, Whitfield and I went to see Ferinheit 9/11. Amazing show, unlike aiden and ewan, I had never read his books, so alot of the information was a complete eye opener for me. I left the movie really mad, mostly because I had an overwelming feeling of helplessness, and the fact that humanity is so cruel and greedy. I mean personally you can just strive to achieve what you want others to emulate, but the fact that although you may be nice, theres a million other people that are complete assholes, and to quote Chali 2na "Bush is a lying motherfucker".

And as per usual on our nations birthday, i got completely wasted although my intentions were to only have a few drinks. Pretty fun night except we ended up 'rollin' with Aaron Lind. I dunno what it is about that guy, but i honestly hate him. He can be ok in REALLY small doses, but anything more than that.

Tonight I went to an AMAZING show Bad plus, i'll talk about it more later, but i'm extrememly tired, and i got a big day ahead of me tomorow

Till Next time...