I few things here and there for all you Ryan fans...

Monday, August 23, 2004


Its so funny, my last post, on how I bet you thought I was done, haha, that was over a month ago hahahaha.

Anyways, update: I'm working two jobs, one at the Ramada Hotel, doing banquets and bartending and whatnot. Also I'm working at Cosmopolitan Industries driving a wheelchair bus and picking people up. Its pretty fun, I really enjoy working with disabled people, makes you feel good to help people who actually need help, not just cause there rich and they wanna buy something.

The bands still going at full tilt, we got a whole thwack of new songs goin on, mostly originals too, which is deadly, were starting to get a sound to us, thats original, which is deadly, we still practice almost everyday, which still amazes me, but none of us are gettin tired of it.

But yeah, i have to go get text books for school, so i'll attempt to post a little more regularly

I'll just end on a quick note, something that i though of today....why is it that they call shooting your comrads or memebers of your collalition 'friendly fire' ?! Thats just messed up

Till Next time....