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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

7am Wake up

So all this week I work at Cosmo, which is pretty good, except I really am not a morning person, I don't like being up during the day, and my body, even though I know I have to get up a 6ish still becomes full of energy at about 12. I was so tired at like 6 and coulda gone to sleep...but instead I went to a movie with my family and now I'm all awake.

The movie I went and saw was the Incredibles...wow what a great show. I'm a huge fan of Toy Story, Finding Nemo and all the Pixar stuff...but this one I think may be my favorite. It's not nessisarily 100% a kids movie, and has alot of mature themes. I think what I enjoyed the best was how they really extended the use of the characters powers. I don't wanna give away too much, but I thought they really thought about how someone with certain powers could use them.

I really should goto bed, gotta drive the bus

till next time....

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Christmas Past

Well, another Christmas is done with, and I can go back to not seeing my family and doing school or whatever. I like Christmas, I really don't care what it is you believe or don't believe happened on Christmas Day, cause really it is up for discussion, but I won't get into a theological discussion. I think Christmas is basically nice, just because people are usually in a good mood, you can spend some quality time with your family and well you get presents (even though that’s not what its about). I think this year I was in a really Christmassy mood, mostly because I've been working Christmas parties for the past month, and it just pumped me up more for the festivities. My families tradition is, go to church, come home and celebrate my Dad's birthday (on the 24th), have some drinks and be merry, then we go to bed and wake up on Christmas. On Christmas, we usually get up around 10(its gotten later as we've gotten older obviously). We really take our time opening presents, have an awesome breakfast, spend the afternoon hangin out, then have supper and relax and play games as a family. With my Dad living in Regina 5/7 of the week, and the business of Ty's football/hockey/school as well as mine, our family is very seldom together as a family. I really enjoyed spending the time with them, and remembered how funny we are when we get together as a family.

This Christmas was extra merry because I got the best present ever...my family all pitched in a bought me an IPOD! Honestly I've been drooling over them since they came out, and even more so after seeing the abundance of them on campus (I think I counted over 20 in my art history class once...that’s 20% of the class!). I begged and pleaded, and after all the presents were opened I again was left longing. But then, after supper and a while (about 830) my dad said, oh we forgot a few presents under the tree...there was one for my Brother and my grandma...then there was one more...and it was an IPOD. I couldn't believe it.

But yeah, I work at Cosmo driving on the 28th-31st, and hopefully not at the Ramada, and then its back to school. Hoping to get some good partyin and relaxin in there before school starts again. At least I'll have good music playin all the time, and in ridiculous quantities all through it.

‘Til Next Time....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Finished Up

So I finally got done finals, I only had two, but one was one the 8th and the other on the 20th....I really did not feel like studying for this one...but I did and it's done with. Finals in the PAC gym are pretty funny, I'm pretty sure the guy next to me was cheating, because he kept looking at something in his pocket and at one point pulled out a calculator/organizer thing and was doing something on it...and it was a multiple-choice kin test. Also I’m pretty sure someone farted during the test too, like loud style which was pretty funny. I did pretty good on my test I hope, although what really blows is my marks aren't in from my other final yet, I hate how you have to wait forever for them.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Stealing Waitress

So last night was a lot of fun, we went the Roxy on Broadway, and had $1 beers, which I’ve learned is always a good time, except this time I was super choked. I honestly had the most unlucky $20 bill I think ever. It all started when I got it out of the royal ban (so I paid $21.50 for it in the first place). When I went to take the money outta the little slot, the thing closed on the $20 and it ripped it completely in half...Then I go to the bar and I get them to tape it for me, which is fine. So I order a round of 5 beers ($5) and then give the waitress the $20. She then tells me that she doesn't have enough change to make it (which is ridiculous because she just got what it think was a bunch of fives from other people) but whatever that’s fine, so she "goes to get me my change" and returns with an extra beer which I paid for. After about 30 minutes is done, I ask the waitress if I can get my change, and she says "I gave it to you". Now that would be all fine and dandy if I was super wasted or whatnot, but I was relatively sober, enough to realize that she didn't give it to me back. She claimed that she sat it on the table, and one of my friends musta stole it. Which again was ridiculous, because everyone at the table I know, and I was sitting in a position that it would require them to reach across me to get the money, if that was the case (and I hadn't left my seat at all). I was so pissed off, $15.... Now I wouldn't care that much, except I had just gotten screwed outta a bunch of money on my paycheck that morning, and have found myself to be extremely broke as of that day and about two weeks before it) So now, what was gunna be some Xmas money/money to pay back my parents became a slimy tip of a stupid waitress at the Roxy. I mean I can't do anything about it now, especially because its the day afterwards and I was drinking. But I think what irks me the most outta all of this is that Aiden is somewhat wheeling this girl...so he wasn't supportive about my claim. BAHH!

Till next time....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I got the two piece riff based blues

In actuality I'm not really overly blue...I'm actually feelin pretty good about life lately but I sure can't get enough of the two piece riff based blues! My musical listenings over the last couple days seem to consist of The White Stripes De Still and The Black Keys (an Internet sampling of both ThickFreakness and Rubber Factory because I’m broke and can't buy CDs). Both have only a drummer and guitarist, with a strong vocalist and play riff based/simple blues-rock songs that just get me jacked! I think part of it has to do with it being similar to the music the band plays (except with exceptional bass in addition to the drummer and guitarist haha), but this last week I've been addicted to it. I think a lot of it stems from my love of blues and then on top of that riff based music that gets you pumped up (Zeppelin). Most people have heard The White stripes radio stuff.... But if you like this kinda music you should definitely check out The Black Keys...there like Stripes except, their drummer is actually decent and they have a slightly fuller sound. I still have lots of love though for Jack White don't get me wrong, he's definitely got some of the best simple blues songs around, and his voice makes the band.

I definitely am gunna ask for the Black Keys CDs for Xmas that’s for sure... the only problem is parents suck at finding good music at stores for Christmas... that’s like when your 13 and you get a Chumbawumba CD instead of the blink 182 CD you want because your parents hadn't heard of blink 182, and Chumbawumba was on the radio (but that a whole different story for a whole different post...haha)

Till Next Time....

Sunday, December 12, 2004


So today I went and saw Neopolian Dynamite and was not let down! I don't wanna talk too much about it yet, cause I know Ewan still plans to see it this week, but I will say that, I probably will go see it again with Ewan...cause I liked it a lot. I really like the fact that Rainbow is showing movies like this, and did the same with Bubba Hotep. I hate the fact that Saskatoon, even though it is a pretty good city, doesn't get good festival movies, unless it's at the Broadway, and even then it's hard to have to watch all the time, and if you miss it you miss it. There must be a big enough market for it, like it’s a Sunday night and the theatre was packed to see this movie, there obviously is a market to bring in these movies. I really don't know financially what it takes for theatres to bring in smaller budget movies, bad dammit I'd sure like to be able to see them. It just makes me mad that movies that bomb, like Alfie or something can come through, but awesome movies like this or Memento and bubba Hotep all have to wait till video to shine...bastards I tell ya bastards....

Till Next time

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Finals and Wieners

So I just got home from writing my first university final exam, and i'm feeling pretty good about. It was art history and it was byfar my hardest exam of the two(and i write the other one, Philosophy on Dec. 20th). I was pretty worried, but I rocked out, what I think to be an awesome final. The only thing that worries me is that hisotically when I think that I did well, I usually don't, and when I think I did crappy I did really good (which is kinda odd) but recently I felt really good about a term paper I wrote for Philosophy, and I ended up getting a 90% on it so thats pretty good, so ehrs to hoping that I did well on this one.

My friend Seamus, who is notorious for making prank phone calls (alot of which are posted here but he's been doing these funny ones daily over the last little while. In the afternoons theres a call in show called the Murray Wood show on NTR(650AM)and they pretty much touch on basic ideas, usally to do with current events or whatnot. So his persona Al swanski, a pig farmer from Hafford, has been calling in on a regular basis, mostly because its on his coffee break at work, thought i'd post them, cause they really are hilarous

Al talking about the trend of eating cereal for breakfast(his first one)

Al on xmas trees (was on todays show)

you'd totally think that they'd start cutting him off, but he says that ever since the first call, when he calls in they put him right through, cause he just delievers gold

But I'm off to take it easy

Till Next Time....

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


So I’m studying for my Art History 120 final that’s tomorrow and I can't help but laughing. The last thing we covered was Pre-Columbian Central America and one of the places that’s most studied is a place called Tikal. Now depending on your musical tastes Tikal could really mean two things to you. Firstly if your straight scholar and the though of rap makes your think persnickety then, it really probably only means a small community in Guatemala with a huge 200ft step pyramid. But to the hip-hop conscious (or even Limp Bizkit fans...shudder) it brings the thought of Methodman. Now Methodman began his Hip-hop career in the notorious east coast rap group Wu-tang clan, and then shortly after 36 Chambers, released a solo album entitled Tikal (and every one of his follow up solo albums except one makes reference to Tikal in the title. And I swear in every song following this, he drops a Tikal, or Tikallian or something to that extent. It's really hilarious...and so evertime I start reading or writing about it, I start laughing. Cause it really is ridiculous, I don't understand why exactly a rapper hailing from New York, and probably one of the better-known members of the Wu, began this whole Tikal thing. I hope maybe someone can clear this up, but until then I should start thinking more about the Mayan bloodletting ritual or something, because I keep getting distracted from my studying to listen to Meth haha
Till Next time....

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Back By Popular Demand

Well, the public has spoken and they want more the new gullenr...well not really, and judging by my post regularity I doubt any fan base has stuck around since its been nearly three months since my last post.
So I'm really bad at spelling, and Ewan likes to point it out often, but I really don't know what to do. I can usually get by easily with a little help from my friend spell checker, and you really wouldn't notice, cause I spell check everything (I even have to spell check Blog entries). This could be a problem since both my finals coming up are 100% writing, and you look extremely unintelligent when you spell word in correctly. I'm really curious of two things:
1) Why it is that I spell so poorly and 2) what I can do to fix it
There really are a couple explanations, one probably being the introduction to spell check at quite a young age, and therefore a reason to not worry about spelling. Another explanation is the whole change in the way spelling was taught, from like sounding out a word to just memorizing words or whatever. So whatever it is, I think I need to get some help...but I really don't know what would help. It is kinda ridiculous how influential a teaching method can be on so many peoples lives...I would imagine the combination of both of these things which have made me habitually a poor speller have influenced a generation of poor spellers. My parents, who I’d say are relatively average intelligent people, have impeccable spelling. It really isn't a problem for them, but for my generations its quite ridiculous to imagine, due to a change in teaching methods peoples lives have been somewhat tainted to the extent that maybe even class averages could go down or something because spelling is so poor. I'd say because of stuff like the internet/computers as well, things really come to us to easy and education is easier than ever (in some aspects). For example I remember when I lived in Deep River Ontario the school and public library were all still on the card catalogue system, so if I wanted to find a book it took me about twice as long to try and find it. When I moved here I was amazed to see that computers could do stuff like that and it made things a lot easier. That’s especially the case now that we can word process everything. Fuck I remember having to write out a good copy of a report in early elementary school, and it sucked ass.... I couldn't imagine writing out a 10-page essay by hand!
So if anyone has a miracle cure for poorspellitis(that one wont make it through the spell check) hook me up
Till Next time...(If there is one before March)