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Monday, January 17, 2005

Tired...and heres whats new

Well I know that school has started when I start to feel real tired, but still can't sleep....

Today was a good day though although I lacked my essential sleep. I had class, and actually stayed awake! Then hung out with a really cool girl I’ve recently met, Diana, and we had some double spiced chai tea and talked for a couple hours. I met with Jeb (an old friend in the media business), and I'm going to be doing a little freelance work for him. Then I went to work...which sucked.

I really need to get a new job; I can't handle the Ramada much longer. Today, on top of the fact that the two people that were suppose to work didn't show up, I had to carry 120 chairs up three flights of stairs. I'm so tired and worn out and still have to manage to finish some reading that I'm well behind already haha.

On the topic of reading, I'm excited, I found out yesterday our family is taking a trip to Mexico for reading week. Its an all inclusive resort (which is the best...free booze, food and other stuff 24/7). I also learned that there are beers in the room, as well as a liquor dispenser.... I’m gunna be so drunk. We went to a similar resort in Cuba a couple years back, and it was utterly ridiculous how much I drank. Hopefully this time my brother will join in and I won't be the only drunk. There’s this hilarious picture of our family somewhere, where everyone looks pissed off, except me, I’m hammered...I wanted to send it out with the Xmas cards. Actually I told my parents I’d try and not drink so much...but it’s so tempting it’s free...and whenever!

But I should probably go finish my stuff and go to bed, because I work at Cosmo tomorrow on top of the fact that I have class and night class.... Boo to my current existence. At least something’s/people have been really making me smile lately!

Till next time...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Broadway Peeps

Writing that last post just made me think of how ridiculous people are on Broadway and a post a friend of mine made back in September about where he was living in Ottawa which is funny/very true:

I live in a fairly good area, it's very Broadway-esque minus the rich kids that think they are homeless, or think that being homeless is cool, or believe homeless people are cool, or that actually being poor is cool, or whose life motto is "you haven't lived life until you've lived trife" or "It's my destiny that I am really really really really really ridiculously poor-looking" or "being homeless is SO HOT right now" or "Being a bum is a hell of a drug" or "I'm so addicted to a hell of a drugs" or something like that.

HAHHAHAHAHA.... makes me laugh every time. I don't know if everyone/anyone who reads this is that familiar with the bustle of the regular hanging out on Broadway people, but I definitely got my taste this summer, hanging out at Sam’s house, and the fact that Scoles hung out with all these broadwayians all summer. I bet homie in Political Studies has spent a few weeks chillin on Broadway and fighting the man...

Till Next Time....

Anarchy and the art of political debate

So I have Political Studies on Tues/Thurs in the afternoon, definitely a good class so far, the Prof is excellent. But today this guy rolls in late and sits himself about a desk or so away from me, he's got one of those lame anarchy bunny hugs (a hoodie as it may be) and like chains piercings and whatnot, accompanied with a mohawk. I mean whatever, not a big deal, dress how you wanna dress, I’m down, I’m sure some people disagree with my wardrobe choices, not a huge deal. So the first topic of discussion is obviously going to be governance/the government/ democracy considering that is the nature of the class. The prof asked what an ungoverned state was, and some one said Anarchy. Following this he of course asked what anarchy was, and this gentlemen to whom I described earlier blurts out, "perfection" or "perfect" or some shit like that. And this pissed me off, and continued to for the rest of the class for a number of reasons. Firstly this guy was about 5'9 maybe 120 lbs. and truly in a 'survival of the fittest' or anarchistic state would survive about 2 seconds of his life, before he either starved to death because he couldn't fend for himself, or some biker/tough guy beat him up/killed him because he looks the way he does. It’s laws and bureaucracy that allow this dork to be who he is (or pretends to be) I think its ridicules that people such as him think its so cool to believe in anarchy, because anarchy is free reign you know "fuck the establishment" sorta stuff. Truly a lot of these people are the people whom in a state of anarchy would be the first to go, and truly it’s the freedoms of our country that allow them to be who they are.
I mean I hate on the government and enjoy hating on the government more than the average bear but I do however realize the benefits in which I receive from the government, and more so hate on the corruption that’s involved with politics and money. I do this no to be cool, but more so to keep myself, and others aware of some of the ridicules social injustices that are taking place over the world. I also realize not many people care to hear your voiced opinions about Bush or Iraq or whatever, cause its so lame how it truly has become a fashionable thing to hate on politics. I think its good that people are interested in what is effecting their world or whatever, but it’s just become stupid all the people saying “yeah fuck bush” or whatever.

I have a feeling that there are gunna be a lot of angry/politically driven posts on Tues/Thurs afternoon’s hahaha

Till Next Time....

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Back into the Swing of things....

Well that last week or so, I really haven't bothered to post anything, which most would think is the start of another blog hiatus, which I guess is beginning to seem typical of this blog, but don't fear, I’m back.

So Today was the first day back to school. A little bit different than the first day back from summer, mostly because I'm not as excited, as I was when I first started University...the glamour has worn off haha.

A few things I noticed today:

People getting semester bus passes are suckers (its cheaper to just buy monthly and pay for the 5 odd times you go during the last month) and that line was so freaking long...I dunno if anyone saw it, ridiculous

When they change a class time from 1 to 130 they don't post it, and you end up being stuck outside the class for well over 45 minutes just waiting for the class before to end...

The first day of school you run into everyone you know, but then cannot find them all the other times your walking aimlessly around campus trying to kill time

Lots of people have IPOD's, more so that I thought before I got mine, damn I'm trendy!

But yeah, Pretty pumped, our band is recording tonight so that we can send away to apply for a grant to record a profession demo and press kit, which would be awesome. We've recorded a little bit and it sounds good...so hopefully all the songs will turn out as good, and we can get that grant.

But I think I’m gunna pretend I'm a good student and do my reading...we'll see how long that lasts haha

Till Next time....