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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mexcellent Adventure Part III (probably the final part)

Well this is my second last night here, not too pumped about that, but ah well, i'm actually kinda jozin for some non-parent activities haha.

Last night we met with some old neighbors and we wen't to Senior Frogs, which is probably the wildest bar/family restuarant i've ever been too. Its like crazier than any bar i've ever gone to(yet)and its a family resturant. We were interupted during dinner for a congo line that involved 4 free shots and dancing on stage, and we stood on our chairs, and all sorts of crazy stuff, even a drunk girl went down a water slide into a crocodile infested swamp.

Today we went to Xel-Ha (pronounced Shell Ha, meaning where the freshwater meets the ocean...aren't I smart) it was unbelievable. It's an inlet of sorts where a river meets with the ocean and has probably some of the best snokeling i've ever seen. We snokeled for most of the time there, on a guided tour, saw all sorts of crazy fish, a baracuda and a sting ray. We also did some cliff jumping. After that we went to Tulum, which is an old mayan village close by, we got to tour it and see some pretty amazing views and all sorts of old stuff. Its kinda like the Mexican Waniskawin...but way more interesting

I only have 2 more nights left. Tomorow night we're going on that party bus to finish off the trip, should be good, even though its with Ken. I'll be back on sat, see all you guys then.

Till Next Time....

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ryan's Mexcellent Adventure Part II

So, I'm still alive, haven't died from alchahol poisoning or sunstroke...or having too much fun haha.

One thing I've really noticed while i'm here is how annoying american tourists are sometimes. Thats something i didn't get while iw as in cuba.

We're going to the Mayan Ruins and this place where you can snokel, and stuff.

Also me and Ken are going on this pubcrawl/party bus thing where you pay $50 and you get to go from 7pm-330am and you get a waiter for you group, reserved seating at all the clubs and you get to hit that crazy places, like in the real cancun, where there are 2000ish people a night. Should be a good time

I've just been drinkin, laying on the beach and relaxing. Me and Ty also have been swimming and playing tennis etc.

Don't have much time though, So i'll tell you how things went in a couple days

Till Next Time....

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ryan's Mexcellent Adventure Part 1

So, I have access to the internet while in Cancun, so I thought I could blog about all the exciting things that I'm am doing. So here goes.

Yesterday We arrived, we got to the edmonton airport about 4am and left around 7am. When we got here, we got to the hotel and checked in and stuff. We walked around and checked the place out, had come cervaza's and had a ciesta. The only funny thing I think that happend was that we were sitting in the bar, and some woman broke a glass...and then everyone in the bar (like 40ish people) started clapping, and she went to curtsey and fell over and continued to lay there for a bit. It was really really funny. I've been drinking alot as they have all drinks free all the time, which includes caronas!

Today we got up around 11 and went and had lunch. After that I layed ont the beach for a while listen to the beach mix ewan made for me (really good stuff). Me and Ken then went and played tennis which was fun, and after a few sets retired to the pool bar and drank quite a few drinks. Tonight we're going to a fancy al a carte resturant in our hotel, and we're probably going into the heart of cancun to look around.

Don't have much time online so i'll make it quick...

Till Next Time...

Ryan's Mexcilent Adventure Part 1

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bless you....wtf

So, I was persuaded to not pay attention this morning in Philosophy 140(big surprise) when someone in front of me sneezed. Following this, a girl at least three rows ahead turned around and said 'bless you'. Mostly I think because I was looking for an excuse to not pay attention I began to think about this. So after class I googled it and found out a lot of explanations such as it stems from everything from the fact that people thought that your heart stopped when you sneeze so that you had to invite the person back to life to blessing a person who sneezed to during the middle ages because when someone sneezed it was a sure sign they would die soon from the plague so you would bless the person (I just sneezed haha). But the thing that was bugging me was why some people feel the need to still do it. I mean I guess its common courtesy of some sorts, but I mean this person was at least three rows ahead, and she turned around during the lecture to do this. So I just don't understand (or more so think its funny) how things like this have continued on to our current time and people actually feel obligated to do it, with no idea why they say it.

I gotta go write an Art History midterm....so till next time....

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Alright fine!

Ok, here you go, I'm back at it again. It's been forever, I know. I actually wrote a few posts, and half way through decided that it wasn't worth it, and stopped writing it. But here you go....

So what’s been happening in the realm of Ryan over the course of however long it has been since I posted. Well I've been doing a combination of the band, school, applying for school and socializing. I am also going to Mexico on Thursday night, so I'm trying also to be at least caught up on my reading and stuff before I go, because I'll be reading Carona bottles more than I'll be reading about the importance of patrons to the development of artist integrity and the development of the renaissance period.

Today was an ok day, me and Aiden went for lunch at the red pepper. It was good stuff, haven't been there for a while, its right by the school board office and they have really good noodle bowls with spring rolls and some sorta meat. It was good to see him, we don't usually hang out as much as we use to, and when we do, usually some sort of liquid depressant is involved, which isn't the same as a good one on one. It wasn't very long because I had to go to class, but it was nice, to have some time at all.

But yeah, I need to do some reading before class which is at 7, and I have a midterm tomorrow that I need to study for, so...till next time (which I hope there will be)