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Friday, April 29, 2005

Being A Rockstar/Good Samaritan

I have some sort of suspicion that people want me to post again....so I decided to get around to it. Actually I did do it, and it was erased, I don't know what is up with that, hopefully this one makes it.

So I've lived quite the interesting week, very contrasting. I've gotten up to drive my bus for Cosmo all day, and then played gigs on Tues, Thursday and Friday (as in today) as well. I figure, I probably should have probably be doing cocaine off hookers and drinking Jack Daniel’s in the day....but this is probably just as satisfying(as the people I drive always seem to make my day)

Tonight’s show is at Amigo's and its for the S.O.L.D. (Students opposed to liberal arts decline) Should be good, we're closing the night

Also in other breaks news, we are gunna try and record some better/new demos this week comin up...kinda exciting

Sorry My post isn't long, I'm very tired and I think I'm going to nap

Till Next Time(and I'll try to make it soon)......